Condenser M2 w/o fans EXHIBITION

Condenser for M2 condensing units without fans
Exhibition piece - totally operational

Condenser for M2 condensing units without fans

Tubes 5 (depth) x 30 (height) -- Nominal battery length 1200 mm -- // -- Box dimensions  1250x245x770 --


SURFACE 79,12  m2
VOLUME 10.510 m3
CAPACITY AT15º 36.800 watts
MOTOR FANS 2 x Ø450 x 620 W


High performance condenser coils, built with 1,2 mm. copper piper staggered located and aluminium corrugated fin with 2,1 mm. separation.
The frame is built with galvanized sheet riveted between them, with a floating system to avoid possible fractures of the pipe due to vibrations or dilatations.

External structure

The external structure is built with galvanized steel painted with RAL-5008 polyester. All the structure is compact and very resistant, thus avoiding vibrations.