Cubic evaporators

Finned Batteries:
Constructed with Ø 1/2” copper tube, manufactured according to the CUPROCLIMA® specification, and with corrugated aluminum fins. They allow obtaining high efficiencies.

The fin pitch is 4.5 mm. in the CR series and 7 mm. in the CC series.

All batteries are leak tested at a test pressure of 3,923 kPa (40kg/cm2) and are subsequently pressurized with nitrogen at 147 kPa (1.5kg/cm2) to prevent corrosion of the inner surface of the batteries. copper tubes.

It is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy sheet (97.5% Al - 2.5% Mg), which gives it high resistance to corrosion even in extreme environmental conditions.

Both the defrost trays and the side panels of the body are easily removable, making access to the interior of the appliances quick and easy.

Fans and motors:
The fans used are (depending on the model) Ø 250, 315 or 350 mm. equipped with single-phase motors (230 V @ 50Hz.) or three-phase motors (230 V / 400 V @ 50 Hz).

defrost resistors:
They are shielded with a stainless steel tube, their terminals are vulcanized on the tube to avoid derivations and they incorporate individual grounding.

They are strategically located in the evaporator in order to facilitate adequate and uniform defrosting.

Electric resistors included in CC series, optional in CR.

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