INT275L 52S475S60

Liquid level control INT275L 52S475S60 + 02K460S23


The optical level monitoring INT275 L is employed for contactless single point measurement of fluid levels, e.g. on compressors, pumps, tanks, etc. The solution consists of a screw-in part and an evaluation unit. The screw-in part for optical level monitoring is permanently built-in at the measuring point. The electronic evaluation unit can be mounted or replaced without opening the circuit of the medium to be monitored.

Functional description

Light pulses of the device are refracted in fluids and reflected in gaseous environments. This allows the INT275 L to detect the fluid level reliably. Level monitoring begins 3 seconds after supply voltage has been connected. Time-delayed reaction prevents switching errors that can be caused be temporary fluctuations of the fluid. If the level is too low or if there is an error, the relay drops out. Once the correct level has been reached again or the error has been rectified, the relay energises again.

The potential-free, normally open contact can be looped into a safety circuit without an auxiliary relay. An integrated own monitoring system ensures high reliability; an installation check monitors the proper assembly.