Liquid sightglass 5/8''

Liquid sightglass 5/8" CARLY model VCYL 35S

  • Maximal working pressure: up to 46 bar.
  • Multi- fluids (G1 or G2). 
  • The large size of the glass and the absence of a central hygroscopic tip ensure excellent visibility. 
  • The moisture indicator fastening system ensures protection against erosion and prevents fouling by oils and dirts present in the circuit; it also eliminates any turbulence that would hinder proper vision of the refrigerant and does not lead to any pressure drop. 
  • The sealed design and the seaming principle of the chosen glass ensure perfect air-tightness. 
  • Two very thick hexagon head bolts facilitate sight glasses positioning and handling for tightening of connections to screw. 
  • The male/female sight glasses to screw are delivered with a guided copper gasket on the female side (except for the VCYL 25 which has a non-guided gasket), which enables a quick and reliable positioning. 
  • The male/female sight glasses to screw can be screwed directly at the outlet of the filter drier. 
  • The low weight of the VCYL sight glasses requires no specific binding.