GELPHA offer repairing service of broken compressrors and restoration of compressors that need some update for the suitable operation in current directive installations.

GELPHA offer you a stock of restored compressors at your disposal, different models and ages with a total guarantee of 6 months under national rules. These compressors are totally restored and tested, as well as perfectly operative, being assembled with brand new GELPHA components.

In order to avoid any accumulation of semirepaired compressors, from 1st December 2013 we will apply a unique and lineal price of 20€ for all BUDGETS, which will be deducted from repairing acceptance under customer written confirmation

In case of NO acceptance, we will understand no interest from the customer to proceed with repairing, and, for this reason, after a minimum of 15 days they will be scrapped and thrown away and there will be no possibilty of claim them.

In case of budget acceptance, this will be deducted from the final repairing price, detailing this amount on the invoice.

On the same way GELPHA will be responsible for granting Guarantee to any rejected compressor with manufacturing defect, applying of course no cost to the repairing process.

Under no circumstance we will accept compressors for repairing or budget with transport charges; as well as all repairings delivered through our carriers will include delivery charges. On the contrary, the customer can collect the repairings through their own carriers.