1- The purchaser, by placing an order, accepts following GENERAL SALES TERMS.

2- Any condition included by the purchase in the which does not conform to our general sales terms shall be considered null and void, unless espressly accepted in writing.

3- Goods are understood to be collected from our warehouses or distribution centres, carriage charges are not included and we are not required to deliver them to the customer's premises; our responsibility for said goods ends as from the time at which they are placed at the forwarder's disposal. No complaints or liabilities will be accepted for improper transportation.

4- As a rule, packaging are included in the prices, unless expressly stated so in our rates.

5- In the event of goods which present manufacturing defects, complaint must be lodged within 6 days as from the date of collection and must in all cases be submitted in writing. Thereafter, no complaint by the purchase shall be deemed valid.

6- Payment for goods must be in advance. In case the customer is given credit, payment shall be settled on the agreed dates, without refusing first condition. The goods shall remain our property until total payment of same has been completed.

7- Unpaid drafts, on falling due, will be subject to bank charges in addition to 2.5% per month as from the date until settlement of outstanding amount.

8- Orders of less than 90€ will be on a cash basis, and when in exceptional cases credit is given, payment shall be made withim the 30 days follwing delivery of the goods.

9- The manufacturer guarantees its products against any fault for maximum period of 12 month and undertakes to replace or repair same. Such guarantee does not cover any expense caused by the fault, such as labour, travel, loss of coolant, etc and said materials should be sent to our premises carriage paid and duly packed. 6 months guarantee for repairings in our plant, only for components replaced in that moment; guarantee will not apply for replaced components on previous reparings. Same system will apply for any external expense that may arise.

10- Removal of the warranty number label from a compressor or condensing unit automatically invalidates the warranty. Please quote this number on any correspondence.

11- The fact of placing an order means the customer expressly accepts the jurisdiction of the judges and Courts of the head office of the supplier, expressly waiving his jurisdiction.

12- INDUSTRIAL I COMERCIAL IMOV 17, S.L. reserves the right to alter its products without notice.