DELTA-P II 22D630 (22S630+02D555)



Article category electrical part
Supply voltage AC 115-230V
Permitted ambient temperature -30...+70°C
Permissible relative humidity 10-95% RH, without condensation
Switch delay: After applying the supply voltage 3s ±1s
Switch delay: Operating recognition active 5s ±2s
Switch delay: Error 5s ±2s
Resetting the lock Power reset >5s
Relay: Connection AC 240V 2.5A C300Min. AC/DC 24V 20mA
Relay: Mechanical service life Approx. 1 million switching cycles
Protection class acc. To EN 60529 IP54 in mounted condition
Connection type Cable 6xAWG-18 L=1m
Mounting Union nut (torque max. 10Nm)
Dimensions Refer to dimensions in mm
Weight Approx. 200g
Check base EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3EN 61010-1 Overvoltage category II Pollution level 2
Approval UL File No. E222056 cURus
Housing material PA glass-fibre-reinforced