INT69 Y Diagnose 22A190S21

KRIWAN INT69 Y Diagnose - 22A 630 S21

Compatible : INT69 DMY 22A 190 S21

Application Compressors with direction of rotation essential for function
Functions Motor temperature static, Motor temperature dynamic, Short circuit, short cycling, Lock-out, Phase monitoring, phase sequence, phase failure
Supply voltage AC 24-240V
Permitted ambient temperature -30...+70°C
Temperature measuring circuits: Type 1-2 AMS sensors in series alternative 1-9 PTC sensors acc. to DIN 44081, DIN 44082 in series
Temperature measuring circuits: R_25, total <1.8kΩ
Temperature measuring circuits: R_trip, static 4.5kΩ ±20%
Temperature measuring circuits: R_reset 2.75kΩ ±20%
Temperature measuring circuits: Max. length connection line 30m
Short circuit monitoring system PTC Typically <30Ω
Motor voltage 3 AC 50/60Hz 200-690V ±10%
Phase monitoring: Phase sequence Active about 1s after motor start for about 5s
Phase monitoring: Phase failure Active about 1s after the motor start until the motor stop
Phase monitoring: Inactive After motor stop for approx. 20s
Switching frequency overstepping 3 switch-offs in 30s
Operating with frequency converters Not suitable
Reset delay: Motor temperature static 5min ±1min
Reset delay: Motor temperature dynamic 5min ±1min, 60min ±12min, Locked
Reset delay: Switching frequency overstepping 5min ±1min
Reset delay: Incorrect phase sequence Locked
Reset delay: Phase failure Locked
Resetting the lock or the reset delay Main reset >5s only possible if there is no error current
Relay: Connection AC 240V 2.5A C300 at least AC/DC 24V 20mA, AC 240V 2.5A C300 at least AC/DC 100mV 0.5mA
Relay: Mechanical service life Approx. 1 million switching cycles
Interface Diagnose port (DP)
Protection class acc. To EN 60529 IP00
Connection type 6.3mm flat plugs
Housing material PA glass-fibre-reinforced
Mounting Screw mounted
Dimensions Refer to dimensions in mm
Weight Approx. 200g
Check base EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3 EN 61010-1 Overvoltage category II Pollution level 2
Approval UL File No. E75899 cURus